Let's Start To Create An Instant Flash Banner!

In only 4 steps you will have your own Flash Banner Advertisement that you can use on your websites or distribute to your affiliates so they can start promoting your product!


In this section you will edit the pre-made advertisement copy, and Url redirection. Plus you can optionally use the VIRAL addon for viral traffic!



Now you will be able to choose the color of your ad. You will also be able to add a nice pattern overlay to make your advertisement stand out.


Here is where things get interesting! You will be able to add textures, subtle overlays that really spice up your ad so that your ad will stand out & get clicks!


Light Grain Top-Bottom Border Nice Border

Highlight-Left Highlight-Right Bottom-Dark

Shadow-Top Shadow-Bottom Subtle Waves

Stripes-Left Stripes-Right Fractal-Dark

Fractal-Light Subtle-Lines Brushes

Fire-Flames Intense-Light Subtle-Light


In this final section you will be able to really make it stand out by adding a subtle animations to make your prospects take action right away!


Headline-Highlight Moving Bars Moving Stripes

Subtle Waves Blurry Lines Funny Lines

Star-Burst Grainy Crazy Light

Turn On Turn Off