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Traffic and Commissions.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Traffic Exchange?
A Traffic Exchange is a site that provides a service as in: People view your site in exchange for you to view their sites. You earn credits for viewing other peoples sites, credits can then be used for your own ads.

How much does it cost to join?
Membership is absolutely free. You can buy credits or upgrades if you wish or surf and earn your upgrade.

What payment processors do you use?
We only accept crypto payments through certain crypto payment gateways. More will be added shortly.

Am I allowed to have more than one account?
We allow one account per individual. There may be more than one account per household, however each person registering an account must have a separate computer and separate ISP to participate in our program.

When do I receive my signup bonus?
You need to surf 50 pages and then our system will add it to your account.

How do I add my image to the personalized Rotator and Splash Pages?
It is done automatically by the script, we use Gravatar.com. It is FREE to Register and use the service. Only takes a minute to set up, you add your image there and our script takes your e-mail address (on file) and connects it to gravatar automatically. Same with your user name. If you already have a gravatar account just add your e-mail address you use here to your gravatar account or vise versa.

How much do I earn by participating?
As a free member, you will earn credits for every site you surf. Your credits can then be used to advertise your own sites and/or referral links. (maximum surf per day is 1200). Free members earn 10% commissions. Upgraded Members Earn more commissions on Upgraded Referrals and Purchases. You can claim cash prizes whilst you surf if any. You can request a cash payout when you have $10 or more.

Why does the Tier system not include cash as well?
This is because it is against the law or is viewed as being against the law in the USA, Canada, UK and EU. If we pay cash on more than one level we are classed as MLM (please see Here for more information.)

When can I request payment?
When your account reaches the minimum(currently $10). A payout button will appear on the redemption page.

When are ads activated?
Once ads are submitted they have to be approved first. They are then put into Rotation, Usually within 24hrs. Ads are only shown if they have credits assigned!

How do I pause my ads?
By simply taking the credits off, e.g to pause an ad with 50 credits/or remaining impressions assigned, assign -50. This will take the credits/impressions of and put them back into your account.

Where are my monthly credits?
This is done by the script automatically every month.

How are my sites advertised for FREE as a Gold Member?
There is a special Rotator that is used. (Click HERE to see the rotator) This Rotator checks Gold members sites for credits, in real time. If a site has over 15 credits assigned then it displays the gold members site. This works automatically by the script, so you should always add more than 15 credits as there are members surfing here which use your credits, as soon as your site(s) credits drop to below 15 your site will not be shown. Members also promote Our GM Co-OP Rotator to earn credits here. Great way to boost your advertising, Consider upgrading to gold to join in on this Co-Op.

I never received my verify E-mail, Where is it?
Please check your junk folder first. Some e-mail providers reject computer generated e-mails, Gmail is best. You could always open a new account with a different e-mail but same username and we will automatically delete the account that is not verified. However, We have anti-cheat systems in place, the system automatically checks your i.p. address/e-mail, payment processor IDs against other members details. This prevents multiple accounts being created. This protects us and the members from cheaters. However some internet providers issue the same i.p by proxy, this is usually mobile providers. If you do not receive your e-mail use the Contact Us form.

What is R4P?
R4P means Rewards 4 Promoting, You Earn credits only for every unique view of your R4P Referral link Rotator. Great way to earn Credits here whilst advertising somewhere else.

How do I add a R4C ad? or send a Solo E-mail ad?
Simply use the form provided inside the members area. Once your ad is confirmed, it will be shown or sent.

What sites can I add?
We welcome any site that is family friendly. No adult material, No auto-surfs, No Frame breakers, No Wait before you leave Prompts, No redirects, No racism, No hate sites or sites that download a virus or malware, No Pop-Ups, No Pop-Unders. No Scam sites. (or anything illegal, MLM, Matrix Programs, Ponzi Scheme, PTP etc) Rotators inside a rotator are NOT allowed! Rotators do not show inside our rotators, only in the surf frame. All sites must be at least 90% in English.(Please feel free to use our FREE site tester HERE) All sites are checked by admin using the latest site checker software on a regular basis, any found to be altered after acceptance will result in account suspension. All sites approved by Admin discretion. All sites must be less than 100000 characters.

Why do I not see my ads once logged in?
You use Credits to display them, If you see your own add that is a waste of your Credits. So our script will not show your ads.

Why have I stopped receiving admin E-mails?
You can unsubscribe from admin E-mails yourself by editing your information, but if you have not logged in for over a year (account now Inactive) then you will stop receiving them and will have reset your preferences.

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