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Traffic and Commissions.com

Terms Of Service

By signing up, you are agreeing that you will abide by the terms stated in this agreement. We reserve the right to modify this agreement without prior notification to its members.

You acknowledge trafficandcommissions.com is not an investment program, multi-level marketing program, High Yield Investment Program, "autosurf", randomizer, matrix, pyramid, Ponzi scheme, "get rich quick" scheme, or other similar venture. Members may NOT advertise these sites here, Members may advertise only legal and none pornographic sites otherwise their membership will be terminated.

All purchases are final, We will not issue a refund as you will receive a service(credits). The trafficandcommissions.com Service: Is provided to you "as is" and without guarantee. Any credits free or purchased are non refundable. We cannot be held responsible for credits incorrectly used.

The user agrees NOT to operate hardware or software designed to bypass the systems. When an account is set-up, the user agrees to provide current and accurate information. And agrees that information can be used for admin to make contact with the user. Make sure you add admin@trafficandcommissions.com to your contact list before registering otherwise you may not receive your confirmation E-mail (GMAIL is best). No disposable E-mail providers are allowed and any bounced E-mails will result in account suspension. Any inaccurate information may result in the users account being removed or suspended. You also agree to receive admin E-mails regarding our services, and on registration to receive from time to time E-mail solo ads from other members. Once registered members can unsubscribe from other members Solo ads inside the members area.

You agree that you are the legal age in your state and/or country for submitting a contract. You agree that the information that you submit is valid. You must have a good understanding of the English language. All promotional material should be 90% in English, Otherwise we will not accept it.

We have zero tolerance of SPAM as a method of promoting your referral links. We define SPAM as the sending of any unsolicited commercialised messages. All members found SPAMMING will have their membership terminated and will not be eligible to join in the future.

You may not attempt to cheat our system in any way.

We are a TRAFFIC EXCHANGE, you view members sites in return they view yours, an advertising Platform only. Gold members Get there sites advertised in 60+ other sites for FREE.

All personal information is stored in the database and offline by admin and will not be sold or given to third parties. You give us permission to send you E-mails regarding our program.

Cryptocurrency ads are NOT allowed at the moment, as they are illegal in certain countries, at present we do not have the ability to provide geo targeting advertising. All ads provided by members must be family friendly and no illegal ponzi schemes, mlm, matrix, ptp, autosurfs, money trains or anything else illegal. All sites or ads advertised that require another to register to use their system after 25th May 2018 must be secure with https, otherwise they are also illegal and will not be approved by admin.

If you do not agree with the above terms then you may not join. If a member violates the above terms their membership will be terminated.